Genre and Format: Factual, 1 x 90', 1 x 52' or 2 x 45'

Director: Justin Stokes

Production Company: Salon Pictures

Networks: Sky UK

At the 1961 Swedish Grand Prix, prodigiously talented East German motorcycle racer Ernst Degner fled the East in a heart-stopping escape never-before-told. Risking his life in the hope of freedom, he defected with his family and Stasi-protected engine technology. When he returned to the racetrack the following season with Suzuki, he won the world championship, catapulting the Japanese industrial giant into global domination of the motorcycle industry.


Genre and Format: Psychological Thriller, 4 x 1 hour

Writer: Michael Crompton (Silent Witness, Safehouse)

Based on: The Novel by T.M.Logan

Production Companies: Chalkboard and Projector Pictures

Network: Channel 5, Viaplay

Kate and her three best friends are celebrating their fortieth birthdays with their families at an idyllic villa in the South of France when she comes across a series of text messages on her husband's phone, revealing he is having an affair. When it becomes clear that her husband's lover is one of her best friends, Kate is determined to find out who it is. Little does she know that the truth is far more deadly.


Genre and Format: Noir Thriller, 4 x 1 hour

Writer: Gareth Tunley (The Ghoul, Intruder)

Production Company: Clapperboard

Network: Channel 5

When businessman Eric Reed is gruesomely murdered in his lavish Chelsea flat, his wife Annabelle becomes the prime suspect. The press is hooked, the public is divided. Is Annabelle an inspirational woman wrongly framed by the trial and the media? Or is she a chip off the old block, a born criminal who couldn't suppress her instincts for long? Award-winning journalist James is given with a coveted exclusive interview with Annabelle. As James becomes increasingly entranced by Annabelle, she leads him into a labyrinth of lies involving her dark family history and manipulates the evidence to frame him.


Genre and Format: Sci-Fi, 10 x 1 hour


Craig Van Sickle (The Pretender, 24, Tin Man)

Shawn Whitney (A Brand New You)

Nordic Entertainment Group (Scandinavia), MediabizInternational (Canada), Starlings (US)

In the near future, everyone’s brains are implanted with an augmented reality device. While the planet is spiraling further into a state of decay, humanity is perceiving a version of reality that is sensory enhanced, a world through permanent rose-tinted glasses. When a computer virus begins infecting people and makes them invisible to others, Dr. Georgie Pynes (29) is recruited to stop its spread. Her search to find the cause of the virus will increasingly intertwine with the search for her fiancée’s killer and for the truth about her mother, who she thought had died. As Georgie digs deeper, she will be confronted with layers of falsehood, betrayal and conspiracies. Rebels are massing to bring down the world as they know it.


Genre and Format: Psychological Thriller, 3 x 1 hour

Writer: Catherine Steadman (Something in The Water, Downton Abbey)

Based on: the book The Ex Wife by Jess Ryder

Production Company: Blackbox Multimedia

Newly married Natasha has the perfect house, a loving husband and a beautiful little girl. She’d have it all if it wasn’t for Jen, her husband’s ex-wife who just won’t leave them alone…

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