Press Releases


16.08.2021, 11:23

NTM and Warner Bros. develop Dark Island series


10.08.2021, 11:22

NTM acquires majority stake in BossaNova


25.05.2021, 13:00

NTM starts production on FREEGARD with James Norton and Gemma Arterton


10.03.2021, 09:00

NTM announces production start for THE BOX


19.01.2021, 09:00

NTM and Salon start production on The Missile from the East


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NEWS & Articles in the press

NTM and Warner Bros. develop DARK ISLAND as series (Variety)
NTM buys majority stake in BossaNova (Variety)
NTM and Rabbit Track start production on FREEGARD (Deadline)
'Schitt's Creek' Director attaches to PSYCHOLOGY OF STUPIDITY (Variety)
THE BOX starts production (FormatBiz)
NTM produces first documentary Missile from the East with Salon Pictures (THR)
NTM announces THE HOLIDAY with Channel 5 (Televisual)
NTM announces DEADLINE with Channel 5 (C21)
NTM gewinnt Serafin als Investor (Handelsblatt)
NTM and Blackbox develop THE EX WIFE (Deadline)
NTM develops AR thriller VEIL with Starlings TV, NENT and Mediabiz Interntional (Variety)
Herbert Kloiber launches Night Train Media (THR)
Getting the bigger picture (CEO Magazine)
Herbert Kloiber leaves TMG (Broadband TV)
Herbert Kloiber verlässt TMG (W&V)


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